PA-CF (Nylon-Kulfiber) - 0.5kg, 1.75mm
PA-CF (Nylon-Kulfiber) - 0.5kg, 1.75mm
PA-CF (Nylon-Kulfiber) emne

Flashforge PA-CF (Nylon-Carbon Fiber) - 0.5kg, 1.75mm

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If you need to print with Flashforge PA, then we recommend that you use a Flashforge Filament Mate, it helps to reduce the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the filament, moisture in the filament makes it harder to achieve good and consistent results when printing.

Notice: The 0.5kg filaments PA-CF are packed in a different package from gearlab, this is an OEM product from Flashforge and the filament inside the box is 100% original and produced by Flashforge.

Flashforge's PA-CF is a high-performance 3D printing consumable specifically developed for industrial applications. 

The material demonstrates high strength, high abrasion resistance and high-temperature resistance (durable performance in up to 150 degrees Celcius). The carbon fibre reinforcement not only increases the toughness of the material but also limits shrinkage. 

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Product Features

Diameter: 1.75mm. Weight: 0.5KG.

0.5 Kg
Carbon Fiber