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Flashforge TPU95A (Elastic) - 0.5kg, 1.75mm


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The Flashforge 1.75 mm Elastic filaments work incredibly well with any 3D printer that takes 1.75 mm filament. This filament is incredibly elastic, meaning that not only will it flex back and forth, but it will also stretch incredibly far, giving it incredibly unique properties in 3D printing. This works well in specific engineering projects, along with more experimental work, such as fashion or interactive art pieces.

Unfortunately, the variant cannot be bought, as there are no more in stock

Product Features

This material will happily print without a heated bed, but with a heated bed available, it likes to sit at around 50 degrees. A good temperature for the nozzle is between 190 and 200 degrees, depending on the thickness of the layers being used. Because this is an incredibly flexible and stretchy filament, it needs to print much slower than other more rigid filaments, at around 20-30 mm/s, and only with a direct drive extruder. 

0.5 Kg
TPU (Elastic)