Guider 2s - Used

1.209,75 €
1.075,34 €

PLEASE NOTE: Used printer! We have lowered the price of this printer because it has a defect motherboard, which makes it unable to heat the build platform, it can still print with TPU and PLA, if you wish to get a new motherboard installed you can select it below.

The printer is inspected and fully functional. We deliver the printer with all accessories that are needed for it to function.

The printer has upgraded flexible build plate. 

The printers 2 bagfeed are bent. But the printer still stands solid and prints without a hitch. (See picture)
The door has some scratches (See picture)


Flashforge Guider 2s is an upgraded version of Guider 2, a printer known for high stability and quality. Among the special features of Guider 2s is a high-temperature nozzle that can print at up to 300 ° C and thus with a wider selection of filaments.

Guider 2s has an integrated HD camera that allows you to follow the printing process remotely. The printer has also added an improved air filter that reduces unwanted odors as well as harmful emissions.

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Product features

Guider 2s - Product features

  • Large building volume: 280 x 250 x 300 mm
  • Integrated HD camera for remote monitoring
  • Intuitive operation via 5-inch touch screen
  • High print accuracy
  • Resume print function
  • Auto bed leveling (may require firmware update)
  • Wi-Fi control and file transfer
  • Built-in filament sensor