Flashforge ABS - 1kg, 1.75mm

150,00 kr.
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The Flashforge ABS filament is engineered and manufactured by Flashforge. It is tested for consistency and made with high-quality ABS material to ensure smooth feeding and extrusion.

Flashforge checks every roll of FlashForge ABS filament to guarantee the dimensional accuracy is within +/- 0.02mm. Consistent printing is guaranteed!

Flashforge also runs a strict quality test to confirm the ABS filament quality. We use the filament to print a huge 3D model which requires 48 hours of printing time. The final model is printed at minimum layer thickness with precise details and excellent quality.


Product Features

Diameter: 1.75mm. Weight: 1KG.

1. Upgraded Formulation Minimizes Filament Problems and Ensures Extended Storage Time.

Flashforge's upgraded ABS filament formula minimizes problems such as warping, curling and bubbles during the printing.

The anti-moisture ingredients in this new formulation also allow longer storage time without any compromise on filament quality.

Make the best use of your Flashforge filament!

2. Ultra-pure Grade Material & Strict Quality Control Standards to Guarantee Great Quality.

To ensure the final quality and performance of ABS filament, Flashforge uses ultra-pure grade materials and manufactures filaments in dust-free workshops where strict quality control standards are followed. Without exposure to dust and foreign particles during production, the Flashforge ABS filaments print incredibly quickly and fluently.