Flashforge Foto 13.3 - LCD 4K 3D Printer

22.300,00 kr.

Mass Production with Efficiency & Convenience

Large-size LCD printer with high precision and efficiency

Larger Volume: 292*165*400 mm, making it 4 times larger than other LCD printers!

Superior performance: Improved Z-axis stability, which reduces the risk of layer shifting. 

High Precision: For prototype developers, the printed segmentation model can be assembled without polishing, which improves the iterative speed of product updates; while for other printers it takes at least 25% longer to complete final surface polishing. 

Fast Print Speed & Easy Maintenance: It only takes a few steps to install screws and connect the cables, which allows for easy and convenient operation. 

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Printing Speed:  10-30 mm / H

Build Volume:  292*165*400 mm

Layer Res .:  0.05-0.15 mm (adjustable)

XY Res .:  76 μm

Light Wavelength:  405 nm

Z-axis:  Industrial grade dual linear rails

LCD Screen: 13.3 Inch 4K Industrial grade monochrome

Build Plate:  Matte Platform With Hole (improving the adhesion of model, easy to drain the liquid under the platform during printing)

Tank Volume:  1.8L

Connectivity:  USB/Ethernet

Power:  150W

Printer Size:  380*380*685 mm

Operation Screen: 4.5-inch touch screen

User Friendly:  Easy to replace the LCD screen

EAN: 6971940405009