Flashforge PA-CF (Kulfibre Nylon) - 1kg, 1.75mm

1.399,00 kr.

This is PA Carbon Fiber Nylon filament as manufactured by Flashforge.  This is an incredibly tough type of Nylon, making it perfect for intense and specific technical projects. PA nylon has incredibly strong adhesion between layers, ensuring your prints come out without cracks and splits, while still being very flexible when printing with thin walls.

This is a newly upgraded formulation developed by Flashforge helps minimize filament problems such as curling and bubbles during printing. The new anti-moisture ingredients included in this formulation allow longer storage time without loss of quality.

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Printing temperature260 ° C - 280 ° C
Printing speed40 - 60 mm / s
Printing layer height0.1 - 0.2 mm
Platform temperature70 ° C - 100 ° C
Tensile strength≥130 MPa
Bending strength/
Flexural modulus/
Notched impact strength (IZOD, 23 ° C)≥35 kJ / m (ASTM D256)
Percentage of breaking elongation≥2%
HDT≥90 ° C