Flashforge PLA - 1kg, 1.75mm


185,00 kr.

The best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament 

Designed and manufactured by Flashforge.
Made of high-quality PLA material to ensure even supply and extrusion.

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1. New and Upgraded Formulation:

The new-upgraded formulation engineered by FlashForge helps to minimise filament problems such as warping, curling, and bubbles during printing. Anti-moisture ingredients allow for longer storage time without loss of quality.

2. Purest material - strict quality control and standards:

Flashforge PLA filament is composed of the purest-grade material and manufactured in a clean work environment to keep out dust and foreign particles.

Each Flashforge PLA filament is diameter-detected to guarantee dimensional accuracy within +/- 0.02mm. Always consistent!

Every Flashforge PLA filament undergoes strict quality test using the largest 3D model that requires 48 hours of print time, printed at minimum layer thic

1 Kg