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Flashforge WaxJet 400

WaxJet 400 adopts mutiJet printing technology deliver smooth surface, high precision casting wax pattern with razor-sharp edges and extreme crisp details on each print. Suitable for designers and manufacturers of wax patterns for highly complex geometric shapes, jewelry, apparel, medical instruments and devices, mechanical parts, and collectibles.

*Please contact us for price and more information.

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Product Features
  • Molding Method: MJP
  • Print Head: 3x
  • Molding Size: 289*218*150mm
  • Printing Mode: XHD:1200*1200*1600 DPI:16μ of each layer
  • Dimensional Accuracy* : ±0.04mm / 20mm
  • Power Supply:  210-240VAC, 50Hz, single phase, 25A
  • Device Size: 1352*775*1600mm
  • N.W.: 480kg
  • G.W.: 630kg
  • Package Size: 1530*900*1837mm
  • Slicing Software: WaxJetPrint
  • Data Support Format: stl / slc
  • E-mail Notify: Applicable
  • Network Connection: Network 10/100/1000 ethernet / USB
  • Client Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Operating Environment: 18-28℃, 30-70% of humidity