Addnorth HT-PLA - 750g, 1.75mm

Medium Blue

36,05 €


  • New modified grade of PLA
  • Higher impact strength
  • Higher heat resistance

Our HT-PLA is made of a new modified grade of PLA. This gives the filament higher impact strength and heat resistance than regular PLA but is still as easy to print with.

Thanks to the unique crystallization of this new PLA material, you can with the help of using post-print annealing, get additional heat resistance as well as durability for even stronger parts.

Suitable for dimensionally demanding and tough functional prototypes that need to withstand high temperatures.

Annealing recommendations: 110C for 20-30 minutes is usually enough, and will give your part a temp resistance of 90C+ and a much stronger layer bonding.

All filaments from add:north are manufactured in Sweden, resulting in less variations in temperature and humidity during deliveries.

The spool is delivered vacuum sealed.

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