Flashforge Adventurer 5M Pro

670,03 €
Item number: 229700

Adventurer 5M Pro is well-suited for beginners, individual users, families, and educational institutions.

  • Full-auto one-click leveling
  • Maximum speed 600mm/s
  • CoreXY structure
  • 3-second quick-swap nozzle
  • Dual air filtrationsystem

Full-auto one-click leveling, flawless first layer
Adventurer 5M Pro features a full-auto one-click levelingsystem. It measures the distance and then calculates the correct offsets. No tools, no manual Z-axis calibration, while ensuring perfect first layer.

Eco-friendly printing
Adventurer 5M Pro adopts a dual filtration system of internal and external circulation. Dual-layer filtration: HEPA and activated carbon, effectively blocking 99% of particles and VOCs, thus protecting your respiratory system.

For more information, see the downloadable pdfs below.

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