Flashforge Guider 3 Ultra

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Item number: 225019

Ultra high speed 3D printing at a commercial and industrial grade levels is what the FlashForge Guider 3 Ultra can offer to your business. Featuring CoreXY design for extremely high throughput and the legendary Flashforge reliability.

  • 20000mm/s Acceleration
  • 500mm/s Printing Speed
  • 7d 24h Stable Operation
  • CoreXY Structure
  • Plug and Play

High surface quality and finer details

Dual Z-axis ball screws ensure accurate positioning of printing each layer. With the extruder vibration suppression algorithm, unnecessary vibrations during the extruder's high-speed movement are eliminated, ensuring stable printing at high speed.

Combined with the pressure compensation algorithm, the extrusion flow rate is accurately controlled, which improves the surface quality of models and yields better details.

For more information, see the downloadable pdf file under the pdf tab below.

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