Flashforge PA (Nylon PA6/66) - 1kg, 1.75mm

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If you need to print with Flashforge PA, then we recommend that you use a Flashforge Filament Mate, it helps to reduce the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the filament, moisture in the filament makes it harder to achieve good and consistent results when printing.

This is a PA Nylon filament manufactured by Flashforge.

This is an incredibly tough type of Nylon, making it perfect for intense and specific technical projects. PA nylon has incredibly strong adhesion between layers, ensuring your prints come out without cracks or splits, while still being very flexible when printing with thin walls.

This is a newly upgraded formula developed by Flashforge which minimizes filament problems such as curling and bubbles during printing. The new anti-moisture ingredients included in this formulation allow longer storage time without loss of quality.

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Nylon demands very hot printing conditions, with a minimum printing temperature of 230 degrees celsius for slow printing of thinner layers, and a maximum temperature of 260 degrees celsius for thicker layers at a higher speed. Likewise, this filament demands a 3D printer with a heated printing bed that can maintain a temperature of 90-105 degrees celsius. 

Due to the Nylon's tendency to absorb water from its environment, the filament needs to be used quickly once the roll is opened, or stored in a plastic resealable bag (or other airtight environments) with the silica gel sachet that came with the roll initially to ensure the filament will last a long time in storage.

These spools will fit on nearly every 3D printer, having a large inner spool diameter. These filaments will work well with any printer that takes 1.75mm. They might however require an external spool holder if they do not fit on the spool holder that comes with the printer. 

1 Kg
PA (Nylon)