PLA Silk - 0,5kg, 1.75mm guld

Flashforge PLA Silk - 0,5kg, 1.75mm


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The best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament 

Designed and manufactured by Flashforge, the Flashforge PLA Silk is perfect for use with the Creator Pro 3D printer. Made of high-quality PLA material to ensure even supply and extrusion.

Properties of PLA silk gloss: Biodegradable, low melting point, odourless, shiny metallic surface.

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Product Features

Printing recommendations: The recommended processing temperature for PLA silk gloss is between 200 and 220 degrees extruder temperature with a printing speed of 60 to 90 mm / s. 

If your printer has a heated build platform, set the temperature to around 60 degrees. A heated platform is not required for PLA prints but is beneficial. If your 3D printer has a fan, switch it on while printing. 

Make sure that the first layer of material adheres well enough. A thin layer of glue from a water-washable glue stick or a layer of blue masking tape will increase the adhesion. 

0.5 Kg