Flashforge PVA - 0.5kg, 1.75mm - Natural

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If you need to print with Flashforge PVA, then we recommend that you use a Flashforge Filament Mate, it helps to reduce the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the filament, moisture in the filament makes it harder to achieve good and consistent results when printing.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a soft, biodegradable polymer that is sensitive to moisture. When exposed to water, PVA will dissolve, which makes it a useful support structure material for 3D printing.

When printing complex shapes or ones with partially enclosed cavities, PVA supports can be used and removed by placing them in warm water, where they will dissolve. As a potential substitute for standard supports which may be too difficult to print or remove in these situations. PVA can also be used as a model material if you need to make quick prototypes

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Product Features

Diameter: 1.75mm. Weight: 0.5KG.

0.5 Kg
PVA (Water soluble)