Addnorth HT-PLA PRO Matte - 750g, 1.75mm

45,16 €


  • High temperature resistance without hardening
  • Matt surface finish
  • Easy to use

HT-PLA PRO Matte is a completely unique PLA recipe with greatly enhanced properties compared to regular PLA. Even in comparison with other HT-PLA products on the market, HT-PLA PRO stands out significantly: No post-processing is needed to obtain good thermal properties, as it can handle up to 80C without hardening. 

With hardening, which is done at 100 degrees in an oven, it reaches up to 100C in temperature resistance. This product has been developed to maintain the easy-to-print properties of PLA that we all know and love, but at the same time provide greatly improved properties and a very nice, matte surface to the prints.

This material is perfect for products that require a professional appearance and at the same time need to withstand high working temperatures.

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