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Flashforge Finder 3
Flashforge Finder 3
Flashforge Finder 3
Flashforge Finder 3
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Flashforge Finder 3

4.499,00 kr.

Finder 3
The king of cost performance among desktop 3D printers, offering both powerful functions and fun.

As an advanced version of pupular Finder 2, the Finder 3 is upgraded with functions such as power loss recovery, filament run-out reminder and support for flexible filaments.
Similar small formfactor to the Finder 2, but has a much larger build volume.

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3d printer for every age | Flashforge Finder 3
Finder 3
A 3D Printer for Every Age
190*195*200mm, adequate for daily printing.
Direct drive extruder, supports PLA, PETG, TPU.
Switch between Glass & PEI build plate freely.
Touch screen
extruder lamp
Compatible with
third party
slicing software
Support for
Flashforge Finder 3 Quick View
3d printer for kids | Flashforge Finder 3
Finder 3 tricks kids into silent
Fully pre-assembly, start 3d printing right after unboxing.
Smart leveling, easy touch screen operation, smooth printing. Flashforge Finder 3 is a fun toy that allow kids to create whatever they want with only a little assistance from you.
Noise volume under 50db, ensures quite printing circumstances.
3d printing at home with kids | Flashforge Finder 3
Encourage at-home active learning
3D printers helps inspire kid's imaginations, courage spatial intelligence while they are home from school. Great to encourage at-home activity learning. 
Just offer kids a 3d printer and some PLA filaments, let them learn, explore and pursue their ideas.
Flashforge Finder 3 ensures kids happy & fun 3d printing with easy to follow manualfree & easy slicer FlashPrint and dedicated lifetime support.  
school 3d printing | Flashforge Finder 3
Combines functionality and ease of use
The 4.3-inch touch screen is simple and easy to use.
Direct drive extruder (max temp 260 ℃), support various materials including TPU filament.
Print volume 190*195*200mm, nearly the size of a standard football, fits 3d printing at home and school.
Removable glass platform PEI magnetic steel plate, easy platform removal and replacement.
Available all the time
Support continues 3d printing after the outage.
Ensure successful 3d prints, while making the most use of filaments.
wireless 3d printing | Flashforge Finder 3
Available for USB/Internal storage
Wi-Fi data connectivity
make useful things on 3d printers | Flashforge Finder 3
It's not a child-specific toy
In other application of 3d printers in school provided by Flashforge users, teachers and students apply 3D printers as a producing tool, a mini manufacturing factory. They helps fix real problems by 3d printing functional objects: 3d print masks, ear savers, board games for nursing home, etc.
By intoducing 3d printing at an early age, it empowers kids to think out of the box. We could culture a generation of engineers with exceptional creativity and problem-solving abilities.



                                                                    190×195×200mm Build Volume

                                                           Unlock your imagination!
                                                    The 200mm vertical Z-axis height meets the printing needs of most users. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Extruder Quantity1
  • Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature260 ℃
  • Maximum Platform Temperature110℃
  • Print Speed≤180mm/s,50-80mm/s normally
  • Filament CompatibilityPLA, PETG, TPU
  • Print Volume190*195*200 mm
  • Layer Thickness0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Precision±0.2 mm
  • Printer Dimension406*416*469 mm
  • Screen4.3-inch Touch Screen
  • Net Weight12.2 kg
  • Gross Weight16 kg
  • Input115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Output24 V, 14.6 A
  • Power350 W
  • Internal Storage8 G
  • SpoolExternal
  • ConnectivityUSB stick, Wi-Fi, USB, PolarCloud
  • SoftwareFlashPrint, Cura, Simplify3D
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
  • Outputgx/ g/ gcode files
  • Noise50dB
  • Working Environment15-30 ℃
What's the difference between Finder2 and Finder3?
Extruder Temperature≤240℃≤260℃
Filament CompatibilityPLA/Wood/TPU 95APLA/ABS/PETG/TPU 95A/HIPS
Build Plate TypeRemovable Build PlateGlass/PEI Build Plate
SoftwareFlashPrintFlashprint/Cura/Simplify 3D
Build Volume140*140*140mm190*195*200mm
Heating BedNoYes