PrintaGlue 10g

69,00 kr.

A Superglue for your 3D prints!

- Quickly repair or connect your prints!

- Compatible with a wide range of printing materials!

- Easy application, cures in seconds, and has a non-ageing formula!

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PrintaGlue is a universal super glue, especially developed to work with a wide variety of 3D printing materials. It combines strength, quality, and durability for perfect results. It is always good to have superglue next to your 3D printer, as you never know when you might need a quick repair!

PrintaGlue comes in 10g bottles with a precision nozzle applicator and will last for multiple secure connections.

Ensure the contact surfaces are dry and clean of any contamination like oil or grease. Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface, and stick together with the other surface immediately. Hold the parts together for 15-30 seconds, until the adhesive bond sets. Let the product rest for a while, as this will allow the glue to fully harden. After 24 hours, the bond will have fully set, and your print will be safe to move.