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If you struggle with your 3D printed models warping under the process; PrintaFix is the solution. 

This spray adhesive is applied in seconds!

Shake - Spray - Print

A bottle of PrintaFix 100ml lasts on average for up to 150 3D prints. PrintaFix works great for PLA, PET-G, PLA, or PET-G based filaments like WOOD filled or Carbon fibre-filled filaments. 

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PrintaFix is a build plate adhesive that optimizes the 3D printed model's outcome by preventing warping. With its powerful formula, it keeps the 3D print fixated on the build plate until your model has finished. PrintaFix works with all standard materials and every model size, from small and delicate to big and tough.

The application is finished in seconds. Just shake the bottle and spray an even film across the build plate. A bottle of PrintaFix 100ml lasts on average for up to 150 3D prints. During the printing process, PrintaFix bonds to the build plate and the print, material to enable a secure connection. PrintaFix works great for PLA, PET-G, PLA or PET-G based filaments like WOOD-filled or Carbon fiber-filled filaments.

After the print has finished, let it cool and lift to release. If you used a lot of product or have a big surface on the build plate, use a scraper to loosen a corner and continue around the print. 

1. Preparation: Remove the build plate from the printer. The build plate should be at room temperature free of dust and residue and without damage.

2. Application: Shake PrintaFix Bottle and hold it 10cm away from the build plate. Use enough spray strokes to cover the entire build plate with a thin film of the solution. Overlap spray strokes to prevent uncovered areas that could affect the adhesion. Let it dry for 30 seconds.

3. Print: Put the build plate back into the 3D printer and level it according to the settings of your model. Start the print process with recommended settings for the filament you use. Watch the first layers to make sure the adhesion is sufficient.

4. Clean Up: When your print has finished remove it carefully with a spatula. Clean-up of PrintaFix can be done with warm water, PrintaClean, or an alcoholic solution. 

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