Flashforge creator 3 pro
Flashforge creator 3 pro
Flashforge creator 3 pro filament
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Flashforge Creator 3 Pro

3.012,50 €
Item number: 225009
- Highly Effective and Professional 3D Printing Equipment -

This second-generation upgrade introduces a more efficient and intelligent industrial-grade 3D printer.  

The Creator 3 Pro builds upon the Creator 3's performance and efficiency. With dual cooling and faster build-plate heating, the model further optimizes extruder structure and printing motion control, allowing you to create more intricate prints, with various filament combinations and soluble support structures. These stainless steel nozzles are compatible with PLA, ABS, carbon fibre composite, nylon and PC.

Comes with one roll of blue PLA filament and one roll of white PLA filament (both: 1kg, 1.75mm).

2x Build Surface Sheet
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